C Dot Placement

10 Aug 2023

Congratulations to our students Rohit Dosawada and Abhishek Sahoo for securing the placement at #C-Dot.

Our best wishes to them for a bright future!

#IIITRaichur looks forward to welcome other leading organizations to our future placement drives. You may write to us at tnp@iiitr.ac.in for more information about the placement process and schedules.


B.Tech in AI & DS

20 Jun 2023

🌟 Join #IIITR’s AI&DS program to excel in the booming fields of #AI and #DataScience. Benefit from experienced faculty, practical learning, and research opportunities, and secure a promising future.

For more information, kindly visit info@iiitr.ac.in.

Suzuki Placement

21 Dec 2022

1st #International #Placement #IIITRaichur

Congratulations to our student Vibhanshu Jain for securing the placement at #SuzukiMotorCorporation #Japan.

Our best wishes to him for a bright future!

#IIITRaichur looks forward to welcoming other leading organizations to our future placement drives. You may write to us at tnp@iiitr.ac.in for more information about the placement process and schedules.


ThunderSoft Placement

20 Dec 2022

Congratulations to our students Rohit Dosawada and Akhil Nerella for securing the placement at #ThunderSoft.

Our best wishes to them for a bright future!

#IIITRaichur looks forward to welcome other leading organizations to our future placement drives. You may write to us at tnp@iiitr.ac.in for more information about the placement process and schedules.


Jio Placement

26 Nov 2022

Congratulations to our student Jatin Sachdeva for securing a placement at #Reliance #Jio Infocomm Ltd.

Our best wishes to them for a bright future!

#IIITRaichur looks forward to welcoming other leading organizations to future placement drives. You may write to tnp@iiitr.ac.in for more information about the batch and to participate in the placement process.


Nagarro Placement

25 Nov 2022

Congratulations to our students Yashwanth Vallabhu and Sai Venkata Nimish, for securing #placement at #Nagarro.

Our best wishes to them for a bright future!

#IIITRaichur looks forward to welcoming other leading organizations to future placement drives. You may write to tnp@iiitr.ac.in for more information about the batch and to participate in the placement process.


Amazon Placement

24 Nov 2022

Congratulations to our students Abhijeet Wankhade, Aditya Agrawal, and Kushagra Indurkhya for securing #placement at #Amazon in #SDE roles.

Our best wishes to them for a bright future!

#IIITRaichur looks forward to welcoming other leading organizations to future placement drives. You may write to tnp@iiitr.ac.in for more information about the batch and to participate in the placement process.


Open Day

14 Oct 2022

Don’t pass up this chance if you’re a young software developer or aspire to be one.

Visit #IIITRaichur on October 18th from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. for #OpenDay, or join by the link below.

Joining Link: https://meet.google.com/tig-yeen-tjs

#jeeaspirants #IIIT

Independence Day '22

15 Aug 2022

Let’s keep the memories of all the people who sacrificed their lives for our country alive.

IIIT Raichur & IIT Hyderabad wishing you a Happy 75th Independence Day 2022!

National Flag Adoration Day '22

22 Jul 2022

National Flag Adoption day with a feeling of pride and patriotism. On Jul 22, 1947, the Indian National Flag was adopted in the Constituent Assembly meeting and turned into the official flag of the Dominion of India on Aug 15, 1947, and later retained for the Republic of India. The flag’s three colors represent the attributes of sacrifice, prosperity, and peace in the nation.

National Doctors Day '22

01 Jul 2022

Let us take a moment to thank each of the hard-working doctors who are spending their days and nights ensuring that we live healthy and safe.

International Day of Yoga '22

21 Jun 2022

The ancient and modern practice for a healthy, active lifestyle Yoga is recognized worldwide and celebrated as International Day of Yoga. IIITRaichur and IITHyderabad on this day adored its importance by taking part in a life-filled yoga session to have a brighter day and to spread a message of its importance to the world.

World Blood Donor Day '22

14 Jun 2022

On WorldBloodDonorDay, take a pledge with iithyderabad & iiitraichur to raise awareness about the importance of blood donation, recognize blood donors and thank them for saving countless lives.

World Environment Day '22

05 Jun 2022

Let us thank Mother Earth for nourishing us with the best of the resources and take the pledge to preserve these resources for our coming generations.

National Technology Day 2022

11 May 2022

IIIT RAICHUR celebrated National Technology Day with a great and inspiring tech talk by Mr Vibhanshu Jain; reminded the achievements and dedications of many people that led to the nation’s technological development.

Honorable Union Cabinet Minister Mr. Pralhad Joshi Visit on the occasion of World Earth Day

22 Apr 2022

#WorldEarthDay, April 22, is a reminder to protect the environment, restore damaged ecosystems and live a more sustainable life.

#NSS Team of #IIITRaichur celebrated the day by watering plants and conducting a #SwachhIIITR campaign.

The day ended with hosting the Honorable Union Cabinet Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Coal and Mines, Mr. Pralhad Joshi & team on the campus.

Pariksha Pe Charcha 2022

01 Apr 2022

On this day, good PM of India Shri Narendra Modi engaged the country and its youth in an interactive online session, “Pariksha Pe Charcha 2022”, attended by the #IIITRaichur faculty, staff & students.

Finspiration Orientation

22 Feb 2022

At #IIIT Raichur, we believe when it comes to investing, nothing will pay off more than educating yourself, so we took our first steps towards this by organizing Finspiration Orienatation to inspire people to complete the necessary research and analysis before making any investment decisions and help each other in their journey to attain financial literacy.

Welcome 3rd batch of IIITR

14 Dec 2021

IIIT Raichur welcomed its third batch in virtual mode. Prof B S Murty, Mentor Director, Dean (Acad), Faculty, Staff & Senior Batch extended a warm greeting on the occasion. The institute wishes all the luck and success to the entire 2021 batch in all their future endeavours.

Invite for Placement Officer

02 Dec 2021

IIIT Raichur invites applications for the position of placement officer. For more info, please visit our website Careers | IIIT Raichur. All the best to all applicants.

Invite for Network/System Engineer

02 Dec 2021

IIIT Raichur invites applicants for the position of Network/System Engineer on contract for 11 months for Computer Center Staff. Walk-in interviews will be conducted on 17 December 2021. For more info,please visit our website Careers | IIIT Raichur

Constitution Day '21

26 Nov 2021

IIIT Raichur celebrated the Constitution Day 2021 to commemorate the adoption of the Constitution of India. The Hon’ble President led the reading of the Preamble at 11 AM today. The faculty and the students took part in this event virtually.

VAW '21 Valedictory Function

03 Nov 2021

IIIT Raichur concluded the Vigilance Awareness Week 2021 with a Valedictory Function.

VAW '21 Elocution and Essay Writing

28 Oct 2021

Vigilance Awareness Week 2021: IIIT Raichur conducted Elocution Competition & Essay Writing.

Vigilance Awareness Week '21

26 Oct 2021

IIIT Raichur & IIT Hyderabad observed the Vigilance Awareness Week 2021. The faculty and the students carried the pledge section in the online mode to promote the theme “Independent India @75: Self Reliance with Integrity”.


25 Sep 2021

Presenting our core members of GDSC IIIT Raichur. Congratulations on being part of the team! The whole IIIT Raichur congratulates them, and looks forward to having a successful journey!

Career Guidance Session by CoSA

23 Sep 2021

Council of Student Affairs, the student body of IIITR, conducted a small & interactive career guidance session with the IITH & IIITR faculties. The session focused on providing guidance to the students about the significance of time and attaining in-depth knowledge.

Innovation in Manufacturing Processes 2021

22 Sep 2021

IIIT Raichur congratulates Siddharth Saini (2nd year, CSE), whose work at CKM Vigil Pvt Ltd as an ML Intern, along with the team led to the recognition at a National Level Project Competition - Innovation in Manufacturing Processes (IMP 2021).

Chanakya Award 2021

20 Sep 2021

A Moment of Pride, IIITR and IITH congratulates Ms Mitalee Agrawal, Public Relations Officer, IIT Hyderabad and IIIT Raichur for being awarded jury special Chanakya Award 2021 as the Social Media Person of the Year by Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) during the Grand Global Conclave.

Acad Excellence Awards '21

17 Sep 2021

To celebrate the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Certificates of Academic Excellence were given to the best performers of each academic year by Prof. B.S. Murty, Director of IIT Hyderabad, in presence of IIITR’s inspirational faculty and passionate students.

Engineers Day'21

15 Sep 2021

To significant persons of the nation’s development, IIIT Raichur and IIT Hyderabad applaud and cheer them on this Engineers Day 2021 with our warm wishes. And we nurture the theme ‘Engineering for a healthy planet-Celebrating UNESCO engineering report’.

Hindi Diwas '21

14 Sep 2021

IIIT Raichur और IIT Hyderabad सभी को हिंदी दिवस की बहुत-बहुत शुभकामनाएं देता है, एक ऐसा अवसर जिसे महत्व देने की आवश्यकता है, क्योंकि यह हमारा व्यक्तित्व है जो हमें हमारी पहचान देता है और हमें भीड़ से अलग करता है।

Ganesh Chaturthi '21

11 Sep 2021

This Ganesh Chathurthi, IIIT Raichur and IIT Hyderabad pray that this festival brings joy, happiness, peace and stability to all. May God shower us with his blessings and abundant wisdom and infuse us with goodwill and love for all.

Teachers Day '21

05 Sep 2021

IIIT Raichur on the birthday of an inspirational teacher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan conducted an amazing meet with our inspirational faculty and passionate students.

Janamashtami '21

30 Aug 2021

IIIT Raichur and IIT Hyderabad hope that may Lord Krishna show us the path of hope, will power, determination, and tranquillity, just as he showed the path to Arjuna in the battle of Mahabharata. Wishing you all a very prosperous and affluent Janamashtami.

National Sports Day '21

29 Aug 2021

The monumental victory of all our fighters in Tokyo Olympics 2020 makes it all the more important for us to celebrate August 29th, National Sports Day with vigor and enthuse by remembering all the coaches and sport persons of our country who have made us all proud in the big stages.

Raksha Bandhan '21

22 Aug 2021

Here’s wishing a great and enlivening Rakhsha Bandhan from IIIT Raichur and IIT Hyderabad to all the brothers and sisters of the country.

Fortifying women in maintaining dignity and honor, let’s celebrate this occasion by showing love and respect for our beloved siblings.

Onam '21

22 Aug 2021

On this joyous occasion of Onam, IIIT Raichur and IIT Hyderabad wish you joy and good health and may you always enjoy the bounty of nature!

Independence Day '21

15 Aug 2021

The grand day of August 15th, when India attained Independence from the foreign forces, was celebrated with hoisting the flag of our mighty country, which, rippling high above made everyone stand tall with patriotism and pride. IIIT Raichur wishes all a very Happy Independence Day to all and aspires unity, brotherhood and strength among us Indians against anyone who threatens to suppress our identity and pride.

Intl Youth Day '21

12 Aug 2021

IIIT Raichur and IIT Hyderabad wish the youth of India, who have the potential to materialize all the dreams we’ve ever had for a better tomorrow, A very Happy International Youth Day.

Internship Season 2021-22

10 Aug 2021

IIIT Raichur is an emerging premier institution in the field of CS & IT. The Training and Placement Cell of IIIT Raichur cordially invites esteemed organizations for the Internship Season 2021-22. Register your company with us: Google Form

Google DSC at IIIT Raichur

04 Aug 2021

IIITR is proud to share that Ananya Mantravadi, a student of the CSE’23 batch has been selected as the Lead for starting a Google DSC at the campus. Google Developer Student Clubs are university based community groups for students interested in Google developer technologies

Guru Purnima '21

24 Jul 2021

Today is the best day to pay tribute to our Guru. On the auspicious day of “Guru Purnima”, make an oath to follow the steps of Guru. IIIT Raichur and IIT Hyderabad wish Happy Guru Purnima to all.

Tokyo Olympics 2020

23 Jul 2021

IIIT Raichur and IIT Hyderabad wishes all the best to all our Indian Athletes at Tokyo 2020! We wish the Indian team should get proud moments and fill the Indians with joy. Lets cheer for India!

Eid Aladha '21

21 Jul 2021

May Allah empower us to look beyond petty problems in life that hold us back from spreading love and happiness.IIIT Raichur and IIT Hyderabad pray that the almighty take away all our suffering and misery and bless us with his eternal love & support.

National Doctors Day '21

01 Jul 2021

On the special occasion of National Doctor’s Day, IIIT Raichur is having Dr. Vijayshree Agrawal with them who is a University Gold Medalist in Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS), C.H.C. at Government Homeopathic Medical College (GHMC), Bhopal MP). Ex-Resident Doctor, GHMC, Bhopal, and a Private Practitioner at Yash Homeopathic Clinic, Bhopal. She will be giving a small talk on the topic “COVID-19 Challenges and their management”. Hope​ to see you all in the session for appreciating all​ the doctors who are working very hard sleeplessly.

International Day of Yoga '21

21 Jun 2021

On the 7th International Day of Yoga, the IIITR community wishes everyone and is warmly welcoming for our virtual Yoga sessions on the 20th and 21st of June, 2021.

Father's Day '21

20 Jun 2021

A man who protects, teaches, nurtures, picks you up whenever you fall and invests himself in his children. Happy fathers day to all the amazing fathers who can do anything to make their family happy.

World Blood Donor Day '21

14 Jun 2021

A unit of blood may bring cheers and life to a family. Step out and grab the opportunity by donating life, bringing Happiness to Humanity, and keeping the world beating.

World Day against Child Labour '21

12 Jun 2021

We believe that children are like wet clay that can be moulded into any desired shape. Rather than making them earn, we ought to let them learn. Simply then these tiny hands can survive and thrive better in this world!

World Ocean Day '21

08 Jun 2021

8 million metric tons of plastics are dumped into oceans every year which is fading the ocean’s warmth. We have a strong connection with oceans. Let’s select endurable means to save our oceans on this World Ocean Day!

World Environment Day '21

05 Jun 2021

Semblance between environment conservation and development is the need of the hour. IIIT Raichur & IIT Hyderabad encourages to contribute towards ecosystem restoration by increasing green-belt, using solar power and reducing e-waste.

World Bicycle Day '21

03 Jun 2021

This WORLD BICYCLE DAY, IIIT Raichur & IIT Hyderabad urges all to pedal their way to future endeavors by inculcating the habit of bicycling for a healthy mind, body, and soul for stronger immunity amidst the disease-ridden world.

No Tobacco Day 2021

31 May 2021

On this occasion of “World No Tobacco Day”, let’s take a pledge to de-motivate the usage of Tobacco and make the public aware of the ill-effects of tobacco.

Intro Session on Carnatic Music

26 May 2021

The cultural club of IIITR organised an introductory session on Carnatic Music to share insights and wisdom about the concepts of melody, harmony, rhythm and tone colour. The session can be viewed at IIITR Official Youtube Channel: https://youtu.be/PExmc_MdCaU

Buddha Purnima 2021

26 May 2021

On this auspicious day of Buddha Purnima IIIT Raichur & IIT Hyderabad urges all to follow the “Ashtanga Marg” as suggested by Gautam Buddha to achieve greater wellbeing and fight the evils prevalent in society today. Also, following Buddha’s footsteps of concerted efforts and community support, may we all keep home and be safe!

Anti Terrorism Day 2021

21 May 2021

Let us pay our heartfelt tributes to all the innocent people out there who lost their lives due to terrorist attacks and salute those who fought and are fighting against terrorism and its activities.

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day 2021

17 May 2021

Telecommunication Technology has made us all much closer than ever, sewing this world into a global village. Today on World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, let us all contribute to accelerating Digital Transformation in Challenging Times!

International Light Day 2021

16 May 2021

This International Day of Light IIIT Raichur & IIT Hyderabad wish may the dark clouds of this pandemic get over, and we see the light of good health everywhere.

Eid al-Fitr 2021

13 May 2021

IIT Hyderabad & IIIT Raichur wish you lots of good health, happiness, love and prosperity, this Eid al-Fitr.

Technovation 2021

11 May 2021

On the esteemed occasion of the National Technology Day, IIIT Raichur welcomes you all to the Virtual Tech Summit on 11 May 2021 at 18:00 hrs to enlighten and empower all about the advances and scope of technology today.

Mother's Day 2021

09 May 2021

Mother… A small word that relieves from despair, stress, and refills with hope and peace. IIIT Raichur & IIT Hyderabad wish you a cheerful Mother’s Day.

Earth Day 2021

22 Apr 2021

Warm wishes on the occasion of international earth day 2021 from the IIIT Raichur & IIT Hyderabad community. Let us step towards a green healthy world by restoring our mother earth to enjoy the petrichor to the fullest.

Ram Navmi 2021

21 Apr 2021

IIIT Raichur and IIT Hyderabad wishes you all on this auspicious occasion of Ram Navami, may the divine blessings of Lord Ram help us overcome these tough COVID Times. Wishing you and your family peace, prosperity and immunity!

Happy Festive Season

13 Apr 2021

IIIT Raichur & IIT Hyderabad, wishing you a happy & healthy Festive Season.
Different Cultures. One Aim.

Happy Holi 2021

29 Mar 2021

IIIT Raichur and IIT Hyderabad wish all a very colorful and safe Holi…

Battery Screw Up 2021

25 Mar 2021

ElectroGeeks, the Electronics Club of IIITR is excited to present an informal session to share ideas and previous experiences of playing with machines. The club is not completely focused on robots and machines, it’s a very big domain where AI - ML, Web Development, Software Development, and Data Science are mixed. 

New Faculty - Dr. Arnab Kumar Biswas

24 Mar 2021

IIIT Raichur is pleased to welcome & introduce Dr. Arnab Kumar Biswas, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering. He did PhD from #IISc, MTech from IIT Roorke & BTech from Burdwan University, West Bengal. He was a Research Fellow at NUS Singapore & had postdoc research experience from IISc, NTU Singapore & UBS France. To know more about him visit Dr. Arnab - IIIT Raichur.

Webinar on Water Conservation Methods

22 Mar 2021

In order to promote Jal Shakti Abhiyan under EBSB & EBSB Club IIITR, IIIT Raichur is holding a webinar on learning the water conservation techniques used in the kaleshwaram project. Project Details: Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project - Wikipedia

International Women's Day 2021

08 Mar 2021

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Women’s Cell IIT Hyderabad & IIIT Raichur invites you to a special talk by Dr Kaustav Bakshi; on “Do we protest or celebrate?”

New Faculty - Dr. Alka

08 Feb 2021

IIIT Raichur is pleased to welcome Dr. Alka, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics. She did MSc (Mathematics) from Chaudhary Charan Singh University Meerut & obtained a PhD from IIT Roorkee. Before IIITR, she has worked as an Assistant Professor at The NorthCap University, Gurugram. Find more about her teaching experience & research interest at Dr. Alka - IIIT Raichur

New Faculty - Dr. Sadhna Jha

03 Feb 2021

IIIT Raichur welcomes Dr. Sadhana Jha, Assistant professor, Department of computer science and engineering to the IIITR community. She did PhD & MTech from the IIT Kharagpur and BTech from BPUT, Odisha. For more information about her teaching experience and research interests refer to: Dr. Sadhna - IIIT Raichur

Sunshine Session

27 Jan 2021

Sunshine, the Counselling Club of IIIT Raichur conducted an interactive and fun session with the batch of 2020

72nd Republic Day

26 Jan 2021

Social Distancing and Mask up, IIT Hyderabad and IIIT Raichur celebrated 72th Republic Day in new normal with flag hosting followed by Cultural events.

Rashtriya Ekta Diwas

30 Oct 2020

IIIT Raichur observed Rashtirya Ekta Diwas 2020 with a Pledge taken by faculty and staff.

Vigilance Awareness Week

28 Oct 2020

IIIT Raichur observed Vigilance Awareness Week 2020 (from 27.10.2020 to 02.11.2020) with an Integrity Pledge taken by faculty and staff on 27.10.2020 at 11:00 AM

India's COVID-19 Fight

27 Oct 2020

India’s COVID-19 fight is people driven and gets great strength from our COVID warriors. Our collective efforts have helped saved many lives. We have to continue the momentum and protect our citizens from the virus.

150th Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti

02 Oct 2020

NSS Club IIT Hyderabad & IIIT Raichur pay tribute to a great leader, the ‘FatherOfTheNation’, ‘SymbolofPeace’ ‘Shri MahatmaGandhi’, on his 150th Birth Anniversary.

Web Session with WiseUp Communication

22 Sep 2020

IIIT Raichur in association with WiseUp Communication is arranging an interactive web session on the resume, cover letter and interviewing skills which can help the students in many ways in interviews and also during the placement season. The discussion will be related to preparing resumes for the higher success of being shortlisted, techniques on how to master remote interviews and more.
Date: 25 September, 2020 Time: 6PM - 7PM

Sunshine Counselling Session

08 Jul 2020

Sunshine Counselling Club conducted a virtual session on July 5th for the students to share their experiences during this lockdown. Some faculty members also took part and interacted with the students and motivated the students to stay positive, energetic and safe.

Closing Ceremony of EBSB Exchange Program

12 Mar 2020

Marking the closing ceremony of the EBSB Cultural Exchange Program, the students celebrated Bathukamma - the floral festival of Telangana. Later savoured the Carnatic Music and the Ethnic Cuisines of state. Followed by a cricket match between IIIT Sonepat students and IIIT Raichur students in which the Sonepat team outplayed the Raichur team.

Closing of EBSB Exchange program

08 Mar 2020

Toward the closing of the Exchange Program, IIIT Sonepat’s students met some of the faculty members of IIT Hyderabad, the Director, Prof. B.S. Murty, and other people from administration of IIIT Raichur, Prof. Prem Pal, Prof. P. Rajalakshmi, Prof. Raja Banerjee, Dr Subrahmanyam Kalyanasundaram, Dr M.V. Panduranga. Students have also shared their pleasant experience of their trip and stay.

Hyderabad City Tour

02 Mar 2020

Day 4 of EBSB Student Exchange Program As a part of the cultural exchange program, students of IIIT SONEPAT & IIIT RAICHUR went for Hyderabad city tour. Visit includes the Salar Jung Museum - one of the three National Museums of India. With the collection of sculptures, paintings, carvings, textiles, manuscripts, ceramics, metallic artifacts, carpets, clocks, and furniture from Japan, China, Burma, Nepal, India, Persia, Egypt, Europe, and North America, it is one of the largest museums in the world. Later the team witnessed the mesmerizing beauty of the Char Minar and the Hyderabad special market of ladies ornament & pearls. The tour concluded at the Golconda Fort. Overall, it was a magnificent experience for the students.

Gungloor Village Trip

27 Feb 2020

The EBSB Club of IIIT Raichur organised a trip to Gungloor Village as part of Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat Student Exchange Program with IIIT SONEPAT students to make them understand the rural culture and tradition of State of Telangana. The students have also visited the Government school where they have interacted with the school students and enjoyed some fun activities like singing, dancing. Later they have visited the Gram Panchayat where they interacted with the Sarpanch of the village.

EBSB Student Exchange Program

26 Feb 2020

IIIT SONEPAT students interacted with the IIIT RAICHUR students and Dean of Student Affairs Prof. P. Rajalakshmi. The whole itinerary for the week of visit was explained to the students and everyone introduced themselves to other students. Later everyone went for a campus tour of IIT HYDERABAD.

Republic Day Celebration

26 Jan 2020

IIT HYDERABAD & IIIT RAICHUR celebrated RepublicDay with Prof. B.S. Murty, Director, IIT Hyderabad, hoisting the National Flag. It was followed by a parade by security personnel and cultural performances by students of IITH and IIITR. The Students performed various programs such as drama, singing, band performances, and a song in 23 Languages by School Students. Prof. B.S. Murty distributed prizes for various sports events declared new names for IIT Hyderabad Students’ Hostel after famous Indian Scientists. To mark the day, a special blood donation camp was also organized by the NSS Club of IIT Hyderabad.

IIITR Starts Functioning

23 Jan 2020

The Indian Institute of Information, Raichur has started functioning under the mentorship of IIT HYDERABAD with its first B Tech batch of 30 students in Computer Science and Engineering from 26 July, 2019 at the campus of IIT, Hyderabad.