The library is undoubtedly one of the most significant powerhouses of knowledge in any academic institution, catering to the needs of the students and the faculties alike. Keeping this in mind, IIIT Raichur has a fully functional air-conditioned library dedicated to the cause of advancement and assimilation of knowledge. The library is open on all working days during the office hours, and it is managed by two IIIT Raichur staffs under the guidance of the Faculty-In-Charge of the library.

In order to address the needs of the students, related to the regular academic coursework at IIIT Raichur, the library contains multiple copies of standard textbooks on both Computer Science and Engineering and Mathematics. The students are actively encouraged to make the optimal use of the library by borrowing the required textbooks and the reference books from the library, in order to complement their classroom learning in the best possible way. Moreover, there is the possibility to study inside the library, while following the existing library rules and maintaining proper social distancing. The library at IIIT Raichur currently accommodates at least 30 readers at any given point of time during the office hours.

As the institute gears up to being shifted to its permanent campus from its temporary location at the Government Engineering College, Raichur, plans are underway for further upgradation and modernization of the existing library facilities at IIIT Raichur. In this direction, the following proposals are being considered:

  1. Construction of a more spacious reading hall in the library that can accommodate a larger number of students

  2. Procurement of additional textbooks, reference books and research monographs related to the regular course works and research projects to be conducted at IIIT Raichur

  3. Subscription of selected journals and book series, both from CSE and Mathematics background

  4. Book bank facility for needy students

  5. Plagiarism Checking Service, including the purchase of software such as turnitin