From Director's Desk

Dear Friends,

Welcome. I am happy to associate with IIIT Raichur as a founding member. The institution is geared to provide ample opportunities for the youth to develop themselves into budding engineers with career options of working in top-notch companies, research, or entrepreneurship. With the pioneer batch completing their graduation in 2023, the institute would provide all options for higher education, research, innovation, and incubation.

Due to wonderful support from the centre and state government, the permanent campus is initiated with all the essentials to become a campus with a full ambiance of excellence. With the current session of 2022, the seats have been doubled due to the overwhelming response gathered from previous batches. More branches are planned to be launched in the next year.

Founded and continued mentorship by IIT Hyderabad, the innovative academics and assessments offer huge options and electives to the students to tune their careers. Various sports, cultural, and technology clubs develop the student's overall personality, ready to embrace the future. The council of students develops their leadership qualities as well.

We are creating an ambiance of excellence on the campus where students develop their ideas and themselves together. Where they not only develop solutions for the problems known but also learn how to define problems that have not yet surfaced. Where the faculty not only spends their efforts towards imparting education but also developing their profile on a global front. Where the industry not only looks for talented engineers but also seeks advice from faculty toward their research and innovations. In nutshell, it is a campus where society and the environment initiate both problems and solutions.

With outstanding progress in the formation years, the institute looks forward to all kinds of partnerships in institution building. The faculty is already taking the lead in this regard, the students are also growing in this journey. The future lies in widening such opportunities by welcoming the youth, industry, and prospective stakeholders from society to become part of this promising institute of national importance.

Active Members

Role Member Name Email
Director Prof. Harish Kumar Sardana director[at]
Assoc. HoD Dr. Ramesh Jallu jallu[at]
FIC - Academics Dr. Ramesh Jallu fic.academics[at]
FIC - Faculty Affairs Dr. Suresh Chavhan fic.fa[at]
FIC - R&D Dr. Suresh Chavhan fic.rd[at]
FIC - Management Dr. Alka Chadda[at]
FIC - Students Affairs Dr. Neha Agarwal[at]
FIC - Placements, Alumni Dr. Jahnvi Tiwari fic.placement[at]
FIC - Stores & Purchase Dr. Debmalya Sain fic.snp[at]
FIC - Sports, Welfare, Yoga, Holistic Education Dr. Debmalya Sain fic.sports[at]
FIC - Website & Campus Networking Dr. Natesha B V[at]
FIC - SC/ST/OBC Cell; Equal Opportunity Cell Dr. Nabin Kumar Meher[at]
FIC - Counselling Cell Dr. Nabin Kumar Meher fic.counsel[at]
FIC - Women's Cell Dr. Alka Chadda women-cell[at]
Nodal Officer, CSAB Dr. Alka Chadda alka03[at]
FIC - Cultural and Sci-Tech Clubs Dr. Priodyuti Pradan fic.cns[at]
Chief Warden Dr. Alka Chadda chiefwarden[at]
Warden - Boys Hostel (Federal) Dr. Priodyuti Pradan warden_federal[at]
Warden - Boys Hostel (Krishna) Dr. Nabin Kumar Meher warden_krishna[at]
Warden - Girls Hostel Dr. Neha Agarwal warden_tbh[at]
Nodal Officer for NSS, FitIndia Movement Dr. Ramesh Jallu jallu[at]
Public Relations Officer Dr. Dubacharla Gyaneshwar pro[at]
Public Information Officer Dr. Nabin Kumar Meher pio[at]
FIC - NIRF, MoUs & Nodal Officer for New Education Policy Coordination Dr. Debmalya Sain saindebmalya[at]
FIC -Admin Dr.Nabin Kumar Meher nabin[at]
FIC - Accounts Dr. Dubacharla Gyaneshwar dgyaneshwar[at]
FIC - Library Dr.Debmalya Sain saindebmalya[at]

Previous Members

Role Member Name Email
Mentor Director Prof. B.S. Murty director[at]
Registrar Commodore Manohar Nambiar ( Retd. ) registrar[at]
Dean of Academic Affairs Prof. Saptarshi Majumdar dean.acad[at]
Dean of Administration Prof. Ranjith Ramadurai dean.admin[at]
Dean of Faculty Affairs Prof. Kanchana V dean.faculty[at]
Dean of Planning Prof. K. V. L. Subramaniam dean.plan[at]
Dean of Student Affairs Prof. P Rajalakshmi dean.students[at]
Dean of Public and Corporate Relations Prof. C Krishna Mohan dean.pcr[at]
Students Coordinator Prof. Prem Pal prem[at]
Academics Coordinator Dr. Sathya Peri sathya_p[at]
Hostel Coordinator Dr. Saravanan Balusamy saravananb[at]
Public Relations Officer Mrs. Mitalee Agrawal pro[at]