Students' Welfare Cell

At IIIT Raichur, it is our firm belief that academic development of the students must be complemented by overall growth of the young minds, including the mental, psychological, social, and emotional aspects of well-being. Therefore, several initiatives on the mental and physical health and safety of all the students at IIIT Raichur have been taken by the institute, to ensure a feeling of belonging, sense of purpose, achievement, and success among all of them. While the physical aspect of the students' well-being is ably handled by the Sports Department of IIIT Raichur, utmost care and importance is also given to the subtler intangible aspects mentioned above.

The institute maintains an active Students' Welfare Cell, primarily for the purpose of ensuring the experience of health and happiness among the students in the following aspects:

  • Emotional well-being - the ability to successfully control one's emotions, to make the best possible use of them, and to generate positive emotions that lead to constructive activities.

  • Social well-being - the ability to communicate one's thoughts, ideas, and doubts; to develop meaningful relationships with others and to create one's own emotional support network.

  • Workplace well-being - the ability to pursue one's own interests, beliefs, and values in order to gain meaning and happiness in life.

The activities of the Students' Welfare Cell at IIIT Raichur are conducted by the students themselves, under the guidance of a Faculty-in-Charge who ensures the smooth functioning of the unit and encourages the students to further expand the activities of the cell. In fact, several new initiatives have been proposed by the cell that are currently being given full consideration. These include, among other things, the construction and development of a Music room and a Yoga room which will serve the dual purpose of meaningful entertainment and tireless focus.