The faculty members at IIITR have interdisciplinary research interests. Thrust areas of research are as follows:

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE):

  • Applied Computer Science (AI, DL, ML, IoT, Data Science, etc.).

  • Theoretical Computer Science (Algorithms)

Communication and Computing Engineering (CCE):

  • Next-Generation Communication, Autonomous Vehicles, Computer Vision, Drone Communication, Internet of Things, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Edge/Fog Computing

Mathematics and Computing (MC):

  • Geometry of Banach Spaces, Linear Operators, Number Theory, Fractional Differential Equations, Controllability, Stability Theory

  • Complex Network Dynamics with AI, Spectral Graph Theory, Complex Systems, and Network Analysis

Networked Intelligence Transportation System (N-ITS) Lab

  • N-ITS consists of 1 Ph.D., 10 UG, and 2 Intern students working on next-generation technologies, such as Self-driving vehicles, Drone, Intelligent Transportation Systems, 5G, and Beyond, etc.

  • The lab contains, AGX Xavier, Turtle bot3, LiDAR, High Computing Server, etc.

  • The lab runs two sponsored projects.