There goes the old saying of wisdom: Mens sana in corpore sano, meaning that a healthy mind in a healthy body. Indeed, the importance of Sports and recreation facilities in any academic institute can hardly be overemphasized in connection with the overall growth and well-being of the students. IIIT Raichur places utmost importance on these aspects of campus life, in order to ensure that the students are not only academically excellent but also physically fit. The institute, temporarily located at the Government Engineering College, Raichur, has a large central playground, dedicated to the purpose of games and sports which is an important (and perhaps the most exciting!) part of the everyday student activities conducted here. Both Football and cricket matches take place in the playground, as per the schedule pre-determined by the concerned students and the authorities. The current campus of IIIT Raichur also has a Volleyball court, a Badminton court and a state-of- the-art Basketball court, encouraging the students to participate in a multitude of sporting activities. Besides the outdoor games mentioned above, the institute also provides the students with a host of indoor games facilities, most notably Table tennis and Carrom. The hostels are also equipped with such facilities, including additionally a modern gymnasium containing treadmills and powerlifting equipment.

The sports facilities are available to all the students at IIIT Raichur and they are actively encouraged to take part in the activities of their individual choice and preference. All the concerned activities are conducted under the supervision of a certified Sports Coach, solely dedicated to the cause of excellence in Sports and recreation at IIIT Raichur. Moreover, a permanent faculty of IIIT Raichur is designated as the Faculty-in-Charge for Sports to make sure that the everyday sporting activities at the campus continue smoothly without any interruptions.

Although IIIT Raichur is a newly formed Institute of National Importance, the significance of sporting activities inside the campus and the hostels has been considered by the authorities with great care. As a natural consequence, the sporting culture at IIIT Raichur has gathered sufficient momentum and the institute has started taking part in the Annual Inter IIIT Sports Meets, from the current year 2023.