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Inaugration of 2023 AI DS Batch

The collaboration between IIIT Raichur and Bosch Global Software Technology commenced with the inauguration of the 2023 batch and the new AI & DS Branch. It is a significant milestone in the academic and industry partnership.

The event commenced with a traditional lamp lighting ceremony and the serene tunes of the Saraswati Vandana, setting a harmonious and auspicious atmosphere.

Dr. Ramesh Kumar Jallu and Dr. Debmalya Sain, representing IIIT Raichur, welcomed the 2023 batch and provided insights into the institute’s ongoing development and the construction of its permanent campus. Dr. Suresh Chavhan, the FIC Research and Development and Incubation Center of IIITR, showcased various innovative projects undertaken by students across diverse domains and faculty research achievements.

Dattatri Salagame, CEO, MD & President of BGSW, addressed the 2023 batch of students at the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Raichur, who have joined the AI & Data Science, and Computer Science branch. Mr. Datta, a member of the IIIT Raichur Board of Governors, inspired the young technocrats as he spoke about being a part of the technological change that India is driving and building futuristic solutions that will make an impact on the world. Raghavendra Rao Krishnamurthy, COO and Strategy Head at BGSW, also addressed the students and emphasized the power of industry-institute collaboration in developing modern technologies in his keynote address.

Prof. Harish Kumar Sardana, the Director of IIIT Raichur, emphasized that this event marked the beginning of a journey filled with immense potential and opportunities for both students and the institution as a whole. He underlined the importance of bridging the gap between academic knowledge and real-world application, which is made possible through such collaborations. By aligning academic insights with industry expertise, students are better equipped to face the challenges and demands of the modern world.

The event concluded with the guests signing a commemorative poster, symbolizing their support and best wishes for the future endeavours of the institution and its students. This event not only celebrated the inauguration of the new academic year and branch but also highlighted the power of collaboration between academia and industry in driving innovation and progress.

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