IIIT Raichur invites applications for admission to the Ph.D. programme [Regular with Institute Fellowship, Individual Fellowship (i.e., CSIR, UGC, DBT, ICMR, INSPIRE, etc.) and external for working professional] of the institute in the department of Computer Science & Engg. and only a regular Ph.D. in the Mathematics department. To know more about the department and research interests of the faculty, please visit https://iiitr.ac.in/faculty

Thrust Areas

  • CSE:
    • Applied Computer Science (AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Data Science, etc.)

    • Theoretical Computer Science (Algorithms)

    • High-Performance Computing using FPGA and GPU

    • Communication, Signal Processing, Image Processing, and Network Science

    • Next Generation Intelligent Transportation Systems, Drones, and Autonomous Vehicles

    • Information Dynamics, Spectral Graph Theory, Complex Systems, and Network analysis

  • Mathematics:
    • Fractional Differential Equations, Controllability, and Stability Theory, Complex Systems & Network Analysis.

Note that the research topics are not limited to the above-mentioned thrust areas and can be decided based on the mutual interest of the guide and the Ph.D. scholar.

Financial Assistance

Regular Ph.D. students are eligible to receive financial assistance through various avenues. Pl. see the Ph.D. Regulations.

Categories of Ph.D. Candidates

  • Institute-funded Candidate (FULL TIME)

    In this category, a candidate works full-time for his or her Ph.D. degree. The candidate will be working on the sponsored research project funded by the institute. Students receive assistantships/fellowships from the institute project.

  • National Fellowship funded Candidate (FULL TIME)

    A candidate in this category works full-time for his or her Ph.D. degree. The candidates need to have an assistantship or fellowship from CSIR/INSPIRE / Visvesvaraya / Google / UGC / NBHM / DAE/ DST / DBT / NBHM / or any other recognized funding agency.

  • Sponsored Candidate (FULL TIME)

    In this category, a candidate is sponsored by academic institutions, government, semi-government, industry, private, and R&D organizations to carry out the research at the institute on a full-time basis. The candidate must be a regular employee of the sponsoring body. During submission of the application form, the candidate must attach a sponsorship letter, endorsement letter, and NOC. The candidate would not receive any assistantships/fellowships from the institute.

  • Self-financed Candidate (FULL TIME)

    A candidate in this category works full-time toward a Ph.D. Programme. The Institute will not provide any assistantship/fellowship to such a student.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

    For admission to the Ph.D. programme, a candidate must satisfy the following criteria:

    i) Master's degree in Computer Engineering / Information Technology / Computer Science / Computer Applications/ Electronics and Communication Engineering / Electrical Engineering or equivalent area with a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 7.0 for general/OBC (Creamy layer) candidates, 6.5 for OBC (Non-creamy layer) candidates, and 6.0 for SC/ST candidates.


    ii) Four-year Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering / Information Technology/ Electronics and Communication Engineering/Electrical Engineering from any IIT's, NIT's, IIIT's / Other Institutions of National Importance with a minimum CGPA of 7.5 for general/OBC (Creamy layer) candidates, 7.0 for OBC (Non-creamy layer) candidates, and 6.5 for SC/ST candidates. Such students will be awarded both MS and Ph.D. degrees upon completion of the Ph.D. programme without any exit option during the programme.

  • Mathematics (only regular Ph.D.)

    Candidates applying for the Ph.D. program need to possess the MA/MSc in Mathematics with a minimum CGPA of 6.5 for general/OBC (Creamy layer) candidates, 5.8 for OBC (Non-creamy layer) candidates, and 5.5 for SC/ST candidates.


  • All the CGPA mentioned above are out of 10. CGPA received on any other point scale (such as 8) and marks/percentages will be converted to a 10 CGPA scale.

  • Candidates with degrees with specialization in various CSE/EE/IT/ECE sub-disciplines such as MTech/ME in Artificial Intelligence, Information Security, Data Sciences, Signal Processing & Digital Design, Communication Systems, etc., can also apply. They will be considered as having MTech/ME in CSE/EE/IT/ECE and the eligibility criteria will be applied accordingly.

  • The departments reserve the right to set a suitable cutoff criterion for shortlisting the candidates for interview. The departments also reserve the right NOT to select any candidate.

Application Fee

An application fee of Rs.1000/ for General/OBC, and Rs. 500/- for SC/ST/PWD/Female candidates need to pay the fee using the SBI Collect link. You need to save the proof of payment that you must upload at the time of application submission.

Admission Procedure

The admission process typically consists of one or multiple rounds of online interviews depending on the number of shortlisted candidates. The list of candidates who are selected after the final interview will be announced on the institute website approximately within two weeks of the interview date. Selected candidates will also be intimidated by email.

Submission Procedure

Please use the common application form (Google form) for both CSE and Mathematics departments.

The deadline for your submission is 5 PM on 30th December 2022 5th January 2023.

Contact Details

Please send your queries to queries.phd@iiitr.ac.in