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About Us

The Training and Placement cell of IIIT Raichur started functioning in April 2021. The cell is responsible for facilitating and monitoring the recruitment activities related to internships and placements. It also conducts various training sessions for developing soft skills, problem-solving skills, coding quizzes, etc., to prepare the students for the interviews and coding exams.

Why Recruit Us

Academic System

Being mentored by IITH, IIITR has adopted the innovative fractal academics system, which warrants continuous evaluation. This ensures the students have a deeper understanding of the core subjects.

The Prodigious Curriculum

The highly flexible curriculum forged by the esteemed faculty of IITH and IIITR exuberates innovation and inventiveness. With core subjects being incorporated from the first semester itself, the students are able to finish their courses quite early and focus on developing projects & industry relevant skills.

Industry-Relevant Work Experience

The students are working in different startups and tech giants from the first lf which prepares them for the industry, working in different fields like Data Science Machine Learning, Web Development, Software Development, etc. They have been exploring industry-relevant skills & technologies like Python, C++, Java, Javascript, flutter, Go, flask, NoSQL, SQL, Django, Node, Vue, React, Docker, among others.

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Dr. Sadhana Jha (Faculty Incharge)

Aditya Agrawal (Student Coordinator)

Reethu Sanagala (Student Coordinator)